Diverse Books by Diverse Voices Book Club

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The College of Veterinary Medicine Diversity and Inclusion Committee has created The Diverse Books by Diverse Voices Book Club.

All CVM faculty, staff and students are welcome to join. There is no requirement for participation and individuals may join in or opt out of any club meeting and discussions.

Book Club members will read and discuss diverse books from diverse perspectives so that as a community we can become more understanding of lives and experiences that are different from our own. Some topics may be uncomfortable for some individuals.

Sensitive topics such as race, gender, sexuality, sexual assault, eating disorders, and others will be discussed. Each meeting will begin with a review of our club guidelines of professionalism and learning. Individuals may opt out of a discussion in which they find the subject matter harmful to their wellbeing.

Fall Selection

  • Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox Podcast
    • Episodes
      • Creating a Corporate Culture that Lasts (41 min and 31 sec)
      • The Evidence-based Approach to DEI and Belonging (45 min and 38 sec)
      • The Word Choice Workshop (24 min and 56 sec)
    • Meet-up: November 30 @ 5:15 pm at Della Viti

Previous Books Discussed


Do I have to read every book to join?- No! In the signup link you can indicate which books you want to read and we will only send you calendar invites for those discussions.

Will you be providing the books?- Unfortunately, we do not have the budget to supply everyone with a book, however we are working with both the University Library and the Ames Public Library to secure physical and digital copies of the books. All of these titles are also available through independent book retailers.

What if I've already read this book? - Great! We would like to encourage you to volunteer to develop 1-2 questions and highlights about the reading.

What if I didn't read the reading (or maybe just skimmed it…) but I want to hear the discussion? - Great! We can't all talk at once in an hour book discussion, so feel free to join in and listen along.