Eric Zellner

DVM, Diplomate ACVS
Assistant Professor
2567 Lloyd
Education & Certifications  
  • BS: Michigan State University (2008)
  • DVM: Michigan State University (2012)
  • Internship: Iowa State University (2012-2013)
  • Small Animal Surgery Residency: Iowa State University (2013-2016)
  • Diplomate ACVS-SA: 2017
  • VCS 393 – Principles of Surgery (VM2)
  • VCS 395 – Small Animal Surgery (VM2)
  • VCS 449 – Surgery Laboratory (VM3)
  • Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Clinics (VM4)
  • Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery Clinics (VM4)
Research Focus & Interests  
  • Wound Management
  • Skin Tension
  • Biomechanical Testing of Soft Tissues
  • Suture Patterns and Materials
  • Tendon Plating
  • American College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Resident Credentialing Committee
  • Veterinary Surgery Editorial Board
  • American College of Veterinary Surgery
Selected Publications  

Zellner EM, Hale M, Kraus KH. Tendon plating as treatment method of canine calcaneal tendon repair. Accepted to Journal of Veterinary Surgery.


Von Pfeil DJF, Zellner E, Fritz MC, Langohr I, Griffitts C, Stanley BJ. Congenital laryngeal paralysis in the Alaskan husky. Accepted by Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association 2/2017.


Kieves NR, Zellner EM, Krebs IA. A comparison of ex vivo leak pressures for four enterotomy closures in a canine model. Accepted to Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association October 2015.


Kieves NR, Bergh MS, Zellner E, Wang C. Pilot study measuring the effects of bandaging and cold compression therapy following tibial plateau levelling osteotomy. J Small Anim Pract 2016;57(10):543-547.
Zellner EM, Hedlund CS, Kraus KH, Burton AF, Kieves NK. Comparison of tensile strength among simple interrupted, cruciate, intradermal, and subdermal suture patterns for incision closure in ex vivo canine skin specimens. J Am Vet Med Assoc 2016 Jun 15;248(12):1377-82.


Kieves NR, Fick ME, Zellner EM, Krebs IA. Comparison of Ex Vivo Leak Pressures for Single‐Layer Enterotomy Closure Using Barbed and Monofilament Suture Material in a Canine Model. Vet Surg. 2014;43(6):E175


Kieves NR, Zellner E, Krebs IA. Ex vivo leak pressures for single-layer simple interrupted, simple continuous, modified Gambee and skin staples for jejunal enterotomy closure in a canine model. Vet Surg. 2013;42(7):E95.


Kieves NR, Zellner EM, Bergh MS. Effect of cold compression therapy on immediate post-operative swelling, range of motion, bruising, degree of weight bearing, and stance analysis after unilateral tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (abstract). Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol. 2013;5:A8-9.


Zachos TA, Smith TJ, Zellner E. Potential for Using Adult Stem Cells in Clinical Orthopaedics. AAOS Now, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Jan. 2012.


Von Pfeil DJF, Zellner EM, Fritz MC, Hauptman JG, Griffitts C, Hunt T, Langohr IM, Stanley BJ. Congenital laryngeal paralysis in the Alaskan husky (abstract). Vet Surg 2011;40:E50.


Zellner EM, Reynolds D, Fuller MC, Gandy JC, Sordillo LM, Zachos TA. Effect of COX-2 inhibition on canine stem cells (abstract). In ACVS Symposium Equine and Small Animal Proceedings, October 21, 2010.


Zellner EM, Reynolds D, Fuller MC, Gandy JC, Sordillo LM, Zachos TA. The effects of carprofen on osteogenic differentiation of canine mesenchymal stem cells (abstract).  Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol. 2010;3:A10.