Course in Human Anatomy for undergraduates - BMS 448X

The Biomedical Sciences Department offers a fully hands-on course in Human Anatomy available to undergraduates. Based in our state-of-the-art brand new Human Anatomy Lab, the course will teach human pathology, physiology, and anatomy.  

Dr. Michael Lyons - Instructor in charge - “Anatomy textbooks are going to show you average anatomy. But working with donor bodies shows you that ‘average’ usually isn’t reality. That’s a valuable lesson for these students to learn."

BMS 448X will be a laboratory-centered course that focuses on prosected human cadavers to develop an in-depth understanding of human anatomical function. The course will follow a regional approach and stress relationships between neighboring anatomical structures. During laboratory sessions, student teams will study anatomy from multiple individuals to gain an appreciation for anatomical variation and effects on the body from aging, disease, etc. Additional laboratory activities include study in osteology, radiograph interpretation and case studies. Cr. 4. Repeatable. S. Prereq: BIOL 255 or equivalent AND an introductory biology course.

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