14 Days in Ophthalmology - Day 8

Ophthalmology Consultation

The second week of the ophthalmology rotations saw a change at the top of the organizational structure.

Dr. Gil Ben-Shlomo, associate professor of veterinary clinical sciences, is on clinics this week and will lead the five fourth-year students on rotations in the specialty area. The students worked with Dr. Rachel Allbaugh, associate professor of veterinary clinical sciences, during the first week of rotations.

Ben-Shlomo and Allbaugh say they run the specialty service pretty much the same.

“There are a few things we do differently,” Ben-Shlomo said. “For instance, I do our medical records slightly different than Dr. Allbaugh does, but I don’t think it’s that dramatic of a change for the students.”

For fourth-year student Brad Christensen, his time with ophthalmology over the last eight days has reinforced the differences he has seen working with a variety of different veterinary clinicians.

“Every clinician is different,” he said, “but we go about the basics the same way all the time.”

Christensen pointed out a patient card on the outside of an exam room. He noted this was a change over the previous week with Dr. Allbaugh. But he and the other four ophthalmology students make the necessary adjustments.

“After the first patient we adapt pretty quickly,” he said.

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Ophthalmology Exam